Jimmy Brown - 20th Aug 2012

Shot in one complete take - in reverse, Lilah Vandenburgh's triumphant, energetic and entertaining promo for Amy Can Flyy captures the band at their raucous best.

"The video is a black and white one-take with no edits, shot on location in a small fetish club in Limehouse," explains Lilah. "They, as well as their fans, have grown up a bit since their last EP and wanted to showcase an edgier, more mature sound and look.

"I wanted something that combined the polish of a performance video with the energy and fun of an amateur lipdub. To that end, we mixed professional performers with some hardcore ACF fans we recruited off Facebook. It was shot by DoP Brian Fawcett on a Canon C-300 with not much more than a single ring light.

"The video was very low budget and the awesome crew all went above and beyond, including production designer Laura Tarrant-Brown, choreographer Mina Aidoo and stylist Lara Jensen. I should also mention, the entire video is backwards. But it's so subtle and the lead singer Ben does such a good job with lipsynching most people don't even notice until they've watched a couple times. And unlike most backwards videos, it's uptempo and has no cuts, so it was a unique challenge.

"Everyone, including extras and dancers also had to learn the chorus backwards as well. We did this all remotely, using a series of training videos I posted on Youtube over the course of a month. Meaning I also had to learn both lead and backing parts in reverse phonetically to teach to everyone else. Hopefully it ended up looking really easy and seamless (but it was anything but!)."


DirectorLilah Vandenburgh
ProducerEmily Leo
Director of PhotographyBrian Fawcett
1st ADJon
Art DirectorLaura Tarrant
StylistLara Jensen
DITAlia Sheikh
GafferAndy Vine
ColouristTom Tom Woodall
RunnerJohnny Goddard, Phillip Javens
ChoreographerMina Aidoo

Jimmy Brown - 20th Aug 2012

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