David Knight - 8th Aug 2012

Here's a seriously lofi video for Hot Chip's How Do You Do by Rollo Jackson, which he shot, in an organic sort of way, in London and LA - and packed with "amazing things".

"I wanted to make a video that reflected the blissful, joyful nature of the song - a sort of celebration of 'amazing things' like dancing, diving, etc - and above all was fun and didn't take itself too seriously," Rollo explains.

"The band were keen that it shouldn't look overproduced and that skateboarding was involved. Given the state of the weather here and that I had very little time to work with, I got in touch with a friend of mine in LA who I knew could help and jumped on a plane to go and shoot the surfing / skating and a lot of palm trees!

"Naturally, the first day I got there it rained..."


DirectorRollo Jackson
EditorRollo Jackson
Make-upSophie Medhurst
ColouristTom Aston

David Knight - 8th Aug 2012

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