Jimmy Brown - 5th July 2012

Had a nice day at the office dear.. The Darkness mark their unexpected return with this Warren Fu-directed romp for their single Everybody Have A Good Time.

It's a difficult number-crunching board meeting at recession-hit 'Rock Hard Financial', when a stripping bear turns up to liven up proceedings - and then reveals herself to be a sort of subprime mortgage producing maths genius. And that's only the start of Darkness-levels of over-the-topness that culminates in Justin from The Darkness and the lady bear joining in the act of love.

Not surprisingly The Darkness and Warren Fu developed the bonkers storyline for the Everybody Have A Good Time together. And I think that might be Bob Diamond with the machine gun...


PRO Credits


DirectorWarren Fu
Production CompanyPartizan Darkroom
ProducerRoss Levine
Director of PhotographyByron Werner
Production designerMarissa Leguizamon
EditorWarren Fu
CommissionerMax Gettinger

Jimmy Brown - 5th July 2012

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