David Knight - 28th June 2012

4AD's first hip hop signing Spaceghostpurrp's dark, uncompromising Osiris Of The East gets a woozy, graphic lo-fi video by Timothy Saccenti, following on from his cover photography for the Miami-Miami based producer and rapper's album Mysterious Phonk.

"When he asked me to create the promo for Osiris Of The East I treated it like a continuation of the album cover, creating a hazy, murky, smokey place to capture his performance," says Tim of the Spaceghostpurrp promo. "We wanted to keep it quite simple so used iconic mythological elements, lightning, fire, etc, which were projected from 16mm and video projectors to push the dirty quality of the piece.

"We shot it quiet underexposed to help with the noisy look, shooting most of his takes in the penumbra of the shadow. To match the low-fi warped feel of the music we also shot with distorted mirrors an mylar to capture as many looks in-camera as possible."



DirectorTimothy Saccenti
EditorRyan Mckenna
FlameRussell Mack

David Knight - 28th June 2012

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