David Knight - 19th June 2012

Using Go Pro cameras and improvised rigs to capture the young singer and rapper K. Koke's brooding performances around central London, and overlooking a runway at Heathrow Airport, it could hardly be further than Vaughan's classic pop vids for Robbie Williams, George Michael, etc. But then Vaughan has also been the go-to guy to launch numerous careers too...

"I've wanted to shoot a promo using only Go Pro cameras for a long time," he says. "The challenge of working solely with a simple £250 fixed lens camera has always really excited me. It was so refreshing to be able work in such a pared down, minimalistic way.

"The real reward in this was being able to work more closely with the artist as Josh's movements were integral to the dynamic of the shot. We shot the entire film with a total crew of five people in one van, with two backpacks and several Go Pro cameras mounted on various bespoke rigs built by ourselves on the kitchen worktop. That was the weird thing - we would shoot, decide to move on and then automatically look round for the crew horde behind us only to realise it was actually just us!

"Consequently, it was very fast to shoot although it took a while to get used to not having the luxury of playback to check back what we had shot." Mega-portable, guerilla film-making - which made possible the distinctive shots of Josh walking in a very wet and eerily deserted West End.

Watch 'Josh Kumra 'Helicopters And Planes' by Vaughan Arnell' here

PRO Credits


Production CompanyStink Films
DirectorVaughan Arnell
ProducerAstrid Edwards
Camera operatorJames Whetherly
EditorMax Windows
CommissionerDaniel Millar

David Knight - 19th June 2012

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