David Knight - 12th June 2012


The second part of Sigur Rós's Valtari Mystery Film Experiment is for Varúð, by Inga Birgisdóttir, an exponent of 'moving art'.

Inga created a piece for the track Ekki Múkk a couple of months ago which took the Valtari album artwork and added the tiniest amount of motion. Here she does something similarly minimal, but slightly more developed, with a rocky coastal landscape, and people appearing on the rocks, flashing torches...

This is what Inga, who graduated from the Icelandic Academy of Art in 2006 and has created album covers for the likes of Múm and Jónsi, and has just premiered her first documentary, grandma lo-fi the basement tapes of sigríður níelsdóttir, says about the film (taken from the band's website):

"Ekki Múkk is an animation of the cover of valtari. I was finishing the artwork for the cover and the guys came over to take a look and we were just messing about, making the ship sail across the screen and then we decided to make a video. I think it is like a meditation video in a way. Look and listen once a day and you can skip your yoga class.

"Varúð has more of a story. Varúð means caution or warning so this image instantly came to my mind. Someone making warning signs with a flashlight. I wanted the varúð video to have a slow build up like the song and leave something for the viewers to imagine for themselves. We have no idea who they are or what they are warning us about. I made the video by animating a postcard (see attached) and filmed myself over and over again climbing on top of a woodenbox in front of some blue paper."


DirectorInga Birgisdóttir

David Knight - 12th June 2012

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