David Knight - 18th May 2012

Ian Robertson's brilliant stop-motion epic for Delta Heavy's Get By is a viral sensation, notching over two million views on YouTube in just over a week and it deserves every one of those - and the many more it will surely get.

Ian creates soundwave animations of the track from various well-known (and less well-known) toys including Connect4 and Subbutteo, but that's just the start. Then he gets the chopper out (and various other kitchen appliances) making mincemeat out of the Hungry Hippos, etc., like a dubstep butcher chopping up some new beats...

The stats behind the video are fairly mind-boggling too: 11,000 photos taken (over 3,000 used), 80 Rubik's Cubes used, 7 Hungry Hippos harmed, 32 days to shoot the thing... more figures and a making of film are on Making 'Get By' on Ian's website.


DirectorIan Robertson

David Knight - 18th May 2012

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