David Knight - 9th May 2012

Following the (very real) box office bombing of their movie The Pick Of Destiny, Tenacious D, living up to their name, are back... But if the story of Jack and Kyle reuniting the band was told in the video for To Be The Best, catastrophe remains close - thanks to the young masters of chaos and iconoclastic FX, Daniels Kwan and Scheinert.

DANIELS have done brilliant things before (at the moment it feels like they're doing it every week) but the video for Rize Of The Fenix ups the ante again - creating something amazing from a great big fail. The concept is that the band have accidentally released a rough cut of a video that actually went horribly wrong in the shooting.

It starts our sort of okay with The D at their rockiest - Jack and Kyle in hooded capes, with sword guitars and eye lazers. And then it all goes horribly tits-up as Kwan and Scheinert strip away the artifice, revealing the production assistants and the greenscreen. (They've described it as if their Battles video went wrong...)

But it not only 'so bad its good' way - its spectacularly great in its awfulness. Its not just tenacious, its audacious. Another landmark for DANIELS...


PRO Credits


Production CompanyPrettybird
Executive ProducerCandice Ouaknine
Director of PhotographyChristian Sprenger
Production designerJason Kisvarday
Director's RepresentationDoomsday Ent
CommissionerBryan Younce

David Knight - 9th May 2012

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