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Vexkiddy 'Dear Boss' by James Ward

David Knight - 29th Mar 2012

Cool, clean, abstract, shape-driven motion graphics for Berlin-based electronic artist Vexkiddy's Dear Boss by James Ward, one half of the Scubaboy directing team with Jonathan Hardy, working solo on this occasion.

"Vexkiddy approached me sometime last year to ask if I was interested in making an animated video for Dear Boss," James explains. "There was no real brief to speak of, so I developed a very loose narrative around the theme of the evolution of mankind, visually represented in the form of space exploration and alien colonisation. Or something absurd like that. We've (Scubaboy Inc) described it as abstract-space-glitch. Which is probably nonsense. Make of that what you will!"

Everything was designed and animated at the Scubaboy Inc - James and Jonathan's studio in Bristol. Dear Boss' is taken from Vexkiddy's album 'Pedantic Romantic' released in March 2012.

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David Knight - 29th Mar 2012


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David Knight - 29th Mar 2012

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