David Knight - 13th Mar 2012

A one-shot, one-take, no budget video - and a singer who magically appears and disappears... This video of a live performance by Stac & Royce Wood Junior of their song Wet is directed by Marie-Claire Denyer and Martyn Thomas, who employed an old theatrical trick 'Pepper's Ghost', to create the in-camera effect.

All you need to create the Pepper's Ghost effect is a plate glass and some special lighting techniques, and you can make things appear, disappear, and one object morph into another. "We used a pane of glass measuring 4ft x 7ft (given and delivered to us for free by a very nice man called Dan) and 3 different lights on the artist that would fade in and out during the performance," says Marie-Claire. "It was shot at The Oval House Theatre who also let us use their space in kind."

PRO Credits


Director of PhotographyMartyn Thomas
StylistJulie Elgar

David Knight - 13th Mar 2012

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