David Knight - 1st Mar 2012

Darcy was animator of the Goyte's Eyes Wide Open video. After that, Wally De Backer (aka Goyte) was keen for Darcy and his team to make the video for Easy Way Out. It turned out to be an amazingly ambitious synthesis of stop motion and live action - tieing in with the theme of the song and the depressive effect of repetition - that was a whopping nine months in the making.

The clip was shot using a complex mathematic formula and 360 pan motion control rig that rotated within their custom-built five-room set - practically a small house built within the studio.

The creativity is brilliant, but the mood, as with Somebody I Don't Know and his other videos, is almost refreshingly downbeat. Wally/Goyte is stuck in a circle of repetition from which he can't break free, and then a graphic spiraling descent to disaster...

The studio will be releasing a 'Making Of' clip and have behind the scenes photos available on their Facebook page...


DirectorDarcy Prendergast
Production CompanyOh Yeah Wow
Director of PhotographyAndrew Goldsmith & Jeremy Blode
StylistPaige Prendergast
SoundBen M
Production ManagerNicky Pastore

David Knight - 1st Mar 2012

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