David Knight - 31st Jan 2012

With his videos for Rent Boys and 5 Stages Of Rave, Zac Ella is developing a bit of a reputation as an agent provocateur. But he says that the label only allowed him to write a treatment for Virals' Magic Happens on the condition he stayed away from willies and bums... and turned it around in three days.

"I instinctively remembered creating a Magic Show in my Gran's living room and performing to a sold out audience of my Granny and Sister with my Grandad filming the moment on his "gadget". When I pitched it to the label and artist they instantly gave the green light. 

"It was only looking back through the old footage that I noticed we had spent a day out in Shipley to visit the Sooty's Wonderful World - *BONUS* a day I had completely forgotten until now! I was a bit apprehensive that it may be a bit egotistical on my part, plus my sister didn't really want to be seen picking her nose. However, I think the final result is quite an endearing and heart warming insight into a magical family day out." 

PRO Credits


DirectorZac Ella
ProducerAgile Films
Director of PhotographyDick "Grandad" Wastell
EditorAgile Films
Production CompanyPaul Reson

David Knight - 31st Jan 2012

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