David Knight - 3rd Jan 2012

The team that pioneered the interactive music video are back together: Vincent Morisset has created the video for Arcade Fire's Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) which comes in a traditional sit-and-watch version, and as a 'dance-activated' film.

Firstly, as you'd expect the setting reflects the visual iconography of Arcade Fire's The Suburbs. Then, as Vincent explains on his blog, all you need to interact with the video is to have a webcam (although you can also interact via your mouse).

"The idea is to affect the pacing of the film with your movements," he says. "You are invited to dance in front of your webcam. There is no specific rules, no complicated "minority report" tricks. Just an invitation to move your arms or your butt on the music. The quicker you move, the faster the frames play. You slow down, the caracters in the video slow down. You freeze and the video starts to loop on the beat, creating a new choreography in the choreography."


DirectorVincent Morisset
ChoreographerDana Gingras
Director of PhotographyChristophe Collette
EditorStéphane Lafleur
Art DirectorCaroline Robert
CastRégine Chassagne, Karine Denault, Gabrielle Desgagnés, Noémie Dufour

David Knight - 3rd Jan 2012

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