Jimmy Brown - 21st Nov 2011

A body-popping spaceman lands in a inner city neighbourhood to the delight (and terror) of its inhabitants in Phil Sansom's charming promo for Skream's Anticipate.

Phil and his team made the most of the limited autumnal daylight hours available to create a dubstep video with a refreshing feelgood factor, but without neglecting its urban roots.

Watch 'Skream 'Anticipate' by Phil Sansom' here


Production CompanyHSI London
DirectorPhil Sansom
ProducerJacob Swan Hyam
Director of PhotographySam Goldie
Art DirectorCassie Smith
StylistBex Crofton
Make-upGemma Whe
ChoreographerDel Mak
EditorPhil Sansom
PostPaul Cheshire
CommissionerSemera Khan

Jimmy Brown - 21st Nov 2011

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