David Knight - 16th Nov 2011

Ewan Jones Morris & Casey Raymond's intriguing and wacky one-shot video for DJ Shadow's Scale It Back comes to you direct from deep within the recesses of the mind of Ben Pridmore - the Memory Man.

"The idea to work with Ben came from napping on the sofa and half watching one of the documentaries he's been in," explains Ewan. "We were really impressed by the sequences of images he uses to remember numbers, and the fact that he creates these visual stories in the time it takes to shuffle through a pack of cards.

"We met up with him and filmed the intro to the video using four different packs of cards and then chose the sequence that we thought we could achieve in the week of prep we had before the actual shoot. It was a hard choice, we missed out on visualising a toy gorilla spreading humous onto a fur coat, but the same sequence meant we would've had to drop a pair of pants from a plane onto Eric Idle, never mind the space monster in a block of flats. We'll have to save those images for another project.

"Once we had the sequence it was an intense week trying to work out and achieve all the different images, with the extra challenge of doing it in one take. We worked with some great people, actors and prop makers, and Toby, the guy controlling the Monkey is the same guy who played one half (tongue and left arm) of Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars!

"It was a completely different way of working, more logistical than creative. The script came from Ben's sequence and we had to figure out how to have a humming bird fly into the mouth of a giant snake that is hitting a tambourine with it's tail, which signals a catapult... Ben was great, he was probably sitting in that cake for about 5 hours."


Executive ProducerDave Graham
Production CompanyCrossfire Productions
Director's RepresentationDebs Herbert @ Y
Director of PhotographyNic Booth
Focus PullerJay Oxley
GafferMark Holownia
StylistLeila Headon
Production ManagerGreg Mothersdale
1st ADDelmi Thomas
CommissionerChris Scott @ Island Records

David Knight - 16th Nov 2011

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