David Knight - 4th Oct 2011

Kate Anderson from HSI's animation arm, Dept. A, directs this strange and haunting tale for Liz Green's Displacement Song, about a mad, firestarting puppeteer.

Liz sometimes uses puppets in her shows so was keen to include them in the concept of the video. She and Kate combined narrative ideas and the story of the manipulative puppet master and the puppets' dramatic and fiery escape was born.

Having shot Liz' live action performance Kate "designed everything using Photoshop brushes to keep rough edges and add texture to the artwork.  Elements were then imported into Flash for creating cut-out style animation, before being fully composited in After Effects and lastly Final Cut for the final edit.

The track is taken from Liz Green's new album O, Devotion!, due for release in November.

Watch 'Liz Green 'Displacement Song' by Kate Anderson' here


CommissionerJo Horton

David Knight - 4th Oct 2011

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