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Martin Brooks 'Golden Tree' by Ninian Doff

David Knight - 20th Sept 2011

After his wonderful 'crows with arms' vid for Fulton Lights, Ninian Doff follows up with another utter corker, for Martin Brooks' Golden Tree.

It's what Ninian describes as "a professional display of 50 No Handed Bike Moves" - as approved by the Official Federation of No Handed Bikes Skills (tm), obviously.

"I just wanted pure fun - a perfect summer memory," he says. "Silly, positive, hazy, nostalgic, timeless feel. It was obviously super fun to shoot too. Amazingly no one fell off their bikes which was a bonus too." Great stuff.

David Knight - 20th Sept 2011


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Ninian Doff
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David Knight - 20th Sept 2011

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