Jimmy Brown - 10th Aug 2011

Frank Turner bravely heads to the North-east coast for a spot of paddling in the cold sea in Alex White's promo for new single If I Ever Stay.

"We were originally going to shoot this in Pembrokeshire" explains White "some of the beaches there are like the Caribbean, but we ended up shooting it in Northumbria to tie in with Franks busy tour schedule.

"It's really cold up there and we were greeted with an almighty storm for half the day - basically it was nothing like the Caribbean. Luckily Frank was always down for the cause and perfectly willing to almost freeze to death in the North Sea".

Watch 'Frank Turner 'If I Ever Stray' by Alex White' here

PRO Credits


DirectorAlex White
Production CompanyPixelloft
Director of PhotographyDarran Bragg
Focus PullerJob Reineke
EditorAlex White
Director's RepresentationDebs Ramsay

Jimmy Brown - 10th Aug 2011

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