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Hourglass Sea 'L.A. Lights' by Jack King

David Knight - 25th July 2011

After the likes of To Kill A King's Cold Skin and Fictional State, here's another cracking video by Jack King, bursting with untrammelled imagination and comedy violence for Hourglass Sea's LA Lights. There really is something surreal going on in Yorkshire.

"Dean's (Hourglass sea) music is probably the thing that's excited me most out of anything coming out of Bradford recently, so i wanted to do that justice by doing something big with a small budget - which amongst other things meant doing things like getting vans and cars of people and kit and restaurant tables down a quarry crack of dawn on a saturday so no-one would see us," Jack explains.

"Unsurprisingly we got caught on pretty much all occasions but thankfully we managed to convince the owners and police we weren't quad-biking or dogging or stealing things we had no idea were actually worth money. We had the most amazing cast and crew and understanding locals so pretty much everything else went like a dream and we wrapped on time and to budget, even if we shaved 20 years of our lives doing it."

David Knight - 25th July 2011


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Jack King


Director of Photography
Ian Forbes


Ra Horgan


Art Director
Chris Pigott


Hannah Gawthorpe
Sammy Kistell


Clapper Loader
Nina Farooqi
2nd AD
Bruce H. Gill

Other credits


Silvunio Benedict, Ramona Dragulescu, Sang Lui, Scott Coulthard, Joe Sadler, Carol alexandra Bailey, Whaleed Khalid, Janine Gaunt, Bruce H. Gill, Heide Harding, Sammy Kistell


Scott Coulthard, Oliver James, Gregg Simmons

Special Thanks

Jessie Scott, Tom Winslow, Paul Hubber

David Knight - 25th July 2011

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