David Knight - 20th July 2011

An intimate portrait of a suburban goth-youth, who's very taken with Naughty Boy's urban Fuckery (Out Of Order) - to the disgust of some of his mates.

Primarily a photographer who specialises on documenting British youth culture and adolescence, this is Ewen Spencer's second music video (the first was for Massive Attack's Flat Of The Blade). "The UK has a rich history of youth defining themselves in a powerful way," he says. "It says a lot about the spirit of British people, the diversity and contradictions that add up to create something incredible like Grime or Punk.

"With this piece for Naughty Boy I was attracted to the uncompromising nature of the MCs performance - it's unabashed escapism. I always want to capture that existential youthful moment - clean living under difficult circumstances, or vicariously living out the fictionalised aggression of an MC from a world not so far away. Yet it is a long way away if all you know is an uneventful suburb in North London."

Watch 'Naughty Boy 'Fuckery (Out Of Order)' by Ewen Spencer' here

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DirectorEwen Spencer
Production CompanySomesuch

David Knight - 20th July 2011

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