Jimmy Brown - 19th July 2011

Brendan McNamee goes out and about a South London neighbourhood to shoot the promo to the Brookes Brothers' reggae/dubstep-flavoured In Your Eyes.

"The Brookes Brothers wanted a reportage feel to the clip," explains McNamee "They had an idea of a matriarch shopping for the family roast in a traditional London Market.

"I live in Brixton and have seen the old market place become fresher and more gentrified as the years go by and liked the idea of this matriarch having a flash back to her former glory, the Brixton of the 70's. We had two interns from *Live - a charity in Brixton, Miles even shot some 2nd unit.

"We were very lucky on this extremely tight budget to secure the services of Jade, who choreographed and danced in the piece, and Joan Hooley who played the matriarch. We didn't realize at first but she is South London royalty, not only a former cast member of East Enders but one of the writers of The Desmonds."


DirectorBrendan McNamee
Production CompanyBlunt Flms
ProducerJames Youngs
Director of PhotographyBen Moulden
GafferSusanne Willett
StylistBobi Sanders Wellermin
Production AssistantJames Rotimi
Director's RepresentationDebs Ramsay

Jimmy Brown - 19th July 2011

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