David Knight - 16th Feb 2011

An amazing video by Guy Verge Wallace, a 19 year old student from Sydney who has singlehandedly created a lifesize puppet family consuming a monstrous meal while conducting a war between digital and analogue in the process, for Aussie band Papa Vs Pretty's Wrecking Ball.

This extraordinary five month labour of love - filmed entirely in the exquisite living room of a friend's parents, mostly during the lengthy Australian summer university break - is strongly influenced by the stop-frame masters like Jan Svankmeyer and Brothers Quay, but with a modern twist that satisfyingly reclaims the digital domain for something more organic. It really is a visual feast.

Guy shows exactly how he did it on his extremely comprehensive blog, including how he built those four life-size puppets...


Production CompanyVdub Films
Director of PhotographyJose Alkon and Guy Verge Wallace

David Knight - 16th Feb 2011

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