Jimmy Brown - 12th July 2010

"The clip was shot on 7D over the course of two days on the white isle" explains McNamee. "I had never been to Ibiza before, so the excuse to have a 'busmans holiday' was attractive to me and the other 3. Our host Ronnie couldnt have been more welcoming, ferrying us around the island looking for locations on our first day and lending us his Jeep for a prop vehicle and general run around for the next couple of days.

"Without Ronnie it would have been very difficult to complete the clip by the 'seat of our pants' and our tiny crew. It was an excellent experience and everyone got stuck in with everything, lifting, lighting and laughing.

"It was my first time shooting with the 7D, overall a very malleable camera, but the lack of viewfinder or loupe on set made it frustrating and the fact we were traveling on E***jet, meant a box of primes and lots of lights were a no no. Super lo-fi film making on the move".


DirectorBrendan McNamee
ProducerJames Youngs
Production CompanyBlunt Films
Director of PhotographyMichael o Halloran

Jimmy Brown - 12th July 2010

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