Jimmy Brown - 29th June 2010

Taken from their Five Songs For Oscar EP, the spaghetti rock of Pancho Ballard & The Banditos' Cut Throat Of Old Mexico enjoys this lovely animated treatment by Adam Comiskey, complete with gun-toting cacti.

"Zombies are not a common sight in music videos," explains Comiskey, "So when we saw a brief pop up on Radar requesting a western themed music video with a horror twist, we just had to get involved. Admittedly the budget was not as much as we would have liked, but me and the team had an idea which we were just far too excited about. The band loved it too.

"This job gave us a chance to have a dabble with digital stubble. The lyrics of the song focus on a moustache, and originally the cactus posse were all going to have massive handle bar moustaches. But as the project was coming together, the aesthetic was starting to look really polished and it evolved into something that deserved to be taken much more seriously than the comedic 'jolly' it started out as.

"Suddenly the cactus posse became feasible, our test audiences were not even questioning their inclusion. We eventually created an outline for an entire feature film script which then drove the concept of this being a trailer for that film. Our recent trip to the Annecy animation festival allowed us to test the water and as a result we now have some serious interest from potential investors.

"The best bit is that we already know it'll have a kick-ass soundtrack, courtesy of Pancho Ballard & the Banditos."


DirectorAdam Comiskey
Production CompanyPEW36 Anim
ProducerAdam Comiskey
EditorVictor Throe
CommissionerDarren Riley @ Radar

Jimmy Brown - 29th June 2010

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