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Colonel Weng-Wah’s World Cup Fever (I’m A Believer) by Ben Hsiung

David Knight - 18th June 2010

Here's another freshly-minted England World Cup video, which needs to be seen right now, just in case our chances of making the knockout stages, let alone winning it, go tits-up later on today.

This one is a much more homemade and modest affair than Dizzee Corden's, by Ben Hsiung - who also stars as his alter-ego, Colonel Weng-Wah. But this has the benefit of being shot while Ben was in South Africa, on his way to the first England match against the USA, having won a competition to see the game.

By Monday he was back in London and had finished editing with Andrea Colomb at RSA before the end of that day. If only Emile Heskey was such a clinical finisher.

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David Knight - 18th June 2010


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David Knight - 18th June 2010

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