Jimmy Brown - 22nd Jan 2010

The title track from the Cardiff indie rockers' third album is described by the band as 'the perfect late Valentine's gift for the one you loathe'. Alex de Campi delivers the same sentiments in her promo depicting the flipside of romance - but one with a satisfyingly brutal ending.

Alex de Campi on making the video for Los Campesinos' Romance Is Boring

"The idea of "romance" is this crazy set of archetypes of perfection to which we all constantly fall short. Our heads get filled from an early age with Cinderella stories, Mills & Boon novels, soap operas, celebrity luurve stories in OK!... whatever really happens to us in the love department never seems to measure up to capital-R Romance, because we're tired and there's a gas bill to pay and nothing for tea.

"That's what the video is about, but rather than taking a normal couple, the band and I decided to create the most plastic, perfect types we could and film the emptiness between them in the unwritten chapters after the love story ends. We all could be thinner, blonder, more fit... the video's message is that ultimately it doesn't matter how close you get to "perfect", it isn't necessarily going to make you happier in love. It was a lot of fun taking a very British social-realist film concept, and beaming these perfect Americans in it.

"Actors Robert Nuzzie and Lauren Francesca had great fun parodying the roles out of which they make the majority of their living - Robert actually poses for romance-novel covers and has had roles in several soap operas; Lauren is an actress of great range and sensitivity who has been on everything from The Daily Show to major broadcast series, but she's had her fair share of roles playing the "hot blonde". 

"Although the video (like so many these days) was done on nearly zero budget, we all had such fun with the concepts within it, especially the fake romance novel cover and the soap opera scenes. Sadly, we weren't able to have the band in the video, but perhaps next time..."


DirectorAlex de Campi
ProducerCraig Bernard
Production CompanyBoulevard Industries
Director of PhotographyLance Kaplan
CommissionerJill Kaplan/Skyway Productions

Jimmy Brown - 22nd Jan 2010

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