David Knight - 25th Sept 2009

It's Part Two of Hey Negrita's very own Living Dead trilogy, rendered in glorious CGI by Adam Comiskey and Pew36 - and this one picks up the story exactly where Part One (Mississippi) left off.

Things move up a gear or three in this one. The claret flows freely (extremely so), and quite frankly, some of the boys in the band might not make it...

Adam Comiskey from Pew36 on the making of Hey Negrita's Nine to Five

"Our goal with film 2 was to create something which retained what is fundamentally of the zombie genre but also paid attention to the flavour of the music. So it had to be more upbeat and slightly cheekier.

"We have a particular fondness for 70s/80s cheap cartoons such as the Groovy Goulies and Scooby Doo and their economic re-use of their art assets, and this was something we wanted to incorporate into the film.

"People will be keen to find out what the inspiration was for the vomit solo, but I'm afraid this wasn't the result of design by committee or an evolution of ideas. Just the inner dregs from one sick dude..."


Production CompanyPEW36 Anim
DirectorAdam Comiskey
CommissionerFelix Bechtolsheimer

David Knight - 25th Sept 2009

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