David Knight - 10th Sept 2009

After their ingenious video for Matt & Kim video for Lessons Learned and its' phenomenal success comes another corker from Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault at Fvmmo.
A number of fixed cams document the goings on in an apartment populated by a bunch of lissome beauties who are very friendly with each other, and one lucky chap. But this, just like Lessons Learned, has a surprising side. And a dark side.
A bit like Big Brother where something actually happens. Acid Girls
The Numbers Song
Prod co: FVMMO Films
Written and Directed by Taylor Cohen
Producer: Otto Arsenault
DoP: Jonathan Narducci
Wardrobe: Posso
Hair: Jerry L Park
Editor: Otto Arsenault
Label: iheartcomix
Watch: Quicktime movie http://www.youtube.com/watchv=Om52GXrJ-Ow[/youtube] Taylor Cohen on the making of the video for Acid Girls' The Numbers Song "I came up with the concept out of necessity - we had a very small budget and it needed to be done quickly.
"I am a huge fan of Saam Farahmand's work, especially his clip for Simian Mobile Disco's song Hustler - it's a brilliantly simple idea that's well executed. Sex will always sell and the Acid Girls make some of the sexiest dance music. The song is dense with layers of paranoia, fear, anxiety and violence. I wanted to use all those feelings to add a new narrative aspect to a video like Hustler.
"It's really important to us to have a narrative in all our videos. We want there to be a reason for you to revisit the video again and again. The girls are all models so getting them to be sexy wasn't that difficult. Nothing a glass or two of wine couldn't help."


Production CompanyFvmmo Films
ProducerOtto Arsenault
Director of PhotographyJon
HairJerry L Park
EditorOtto Arsenault

David Knight - 10th Sept 2009

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