David Knight - 21st July 2009

A droll combination of low voltage blues gig and zombie horror, captured in blood-curdling CGI for Hey Negrita, directed by Adam Comiskey at Hampshire-based Pew36 Animation Studios.

It's actually the first part of a trilogy commissioned by Hey Negrita frontman Felix Bechtolsheimer for their upcoming album Burn The Whole Place Down. Adam explains below that the next two planned vids will occupy different points on the horror genre spectrum, and confirm how CGI is the ideal expression for low budget horror. In this one the animated Felix makes very good use of his mic stand.

Adam Comiskey on making the video for Hey Negrita's One Mississippi

"Hey Negrita front man Felix Bechtolsheimer got in touch with us looking to commission a music video trilogy for their upcoming album. The idea of creating three music videos which would have to be able to hold their own and stand alone movies and yet be combined into a 12 minute short film excited us.

"The cherry on the cake was that we had a pretty much free reign to create what ever we liked.

"Most of the crew at PEW36 animation studios cut their teeth in the industry working on low budget horror films for people like Bob Keen of hellraiser fame and Alex Chandons Cradle of Filth/Fear projects, so we naturally opted to produce a zombie flick and have some fun with the genre.

"The three projects are being put together in slightly different 'takes' on the genre with the second one being more light hearted and tongue in cheek, whilst the third one will be very dark and gritty.

"Our goal with these videos is to demonstrate that CGI has come of age for the low budget horrorist. The genre is perfect for low budgets and CGI is now quick enough and cheap enough to mean you don't have to ruin your favourite shirt with spilt syrup and food dye."

Watch 'Hey Negrita’s One Mississippi by Adam Comiskey' here


Production CompanyPEW36 Anim
DirectorAdam Comiskey
CommissionerFelix Bechtolsheimer

David Knight - 21st July 2009

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