David Knight - 13th July 2009

Sean's clip for Chains, Chains, Chains is mysterious and subtly beautiful, set in a cave-world apparently submerged, but where birds fly around disturbing smoke. It was created with miniature models and sculptures, stop motion and in-camera effects, with the band captured enigmatically in silhouette. And there was indeed fire and water.

"We built the miniature set, lit it on fire and flooded it in a giant fish tank," Sean explains. "Elvis and the band were shot in New York, and then projected into the mouth of the lion statue with a tiny projector. Mike [Ragen] shot the miniatures with the Red camera, and stop-motion was done using a dSLR. It took about 4 weeks to complete the video."



Production CompanyGrandchildren
DirectorSean Pecknold
1st ADTristan Seniuk
CommissionerPhil Lee

David Knight - 13th July 2009

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