David Knight - 24th June 2009

Lee Lennox has teamed up with his brother Wayne to form a directing partnership, which they have very sensibly called the Lennox Brothers.

Lee says, "My brother has aways had an input on set, he's been on all of my shoots either as a 1st Ad or just for his immense creative energy. It's always been my aim to work with him for as long as i can remember... It was just a matter of time before we joined up to make the Lennox Brothers. On set it's like having two brains, but one mind - like 6 foot Siamese twins. We think the same thoughts and speak the same comments... which is not surprising as we both emerged from the same nutsack."

You get the picture. And the first product of this partnership is this vid for Belgian band Ghinzu - a strangely alluring performance piece which sees the band assailed by impish black-painted fembots intent on ruining their world - like comely bikini-wearing gremlins.

Wayne choreographed the girls. "Being the choreographer was a strange affair," he says. "Faced with four dancers in a rehearsal studio prior to the shoot I threw on my best mankini and took to the floor with a pirouette and a bum spin..."

Lennox Brothers on making the video for Ghinzu's Take It Easy

"We wanted the video to seem like an art installation, a studio space which begins slightly pretentious, yet ends up with destruction and mayhem; completely strange.

"There is no reason for the girls arrival, we wanted the aesthetic to be random and meaningless, yet hold enough attention to make people want to know what the hell is going on.

"The band wanted to replicate their album cover in the video; almost like its their rehearsal studio. So we wanted the space to be lit quite natural, and used the studio's fixed flourescent lights to our advantage. It meant spending less time on lighting the studio which gave Richard Mott (DoP) a huge grin. It meant we could spend more time shooting, which these days is an rare thing.

"Seeing the girls painted black in tiny bikinis was both a dream and a nightmare. They looked super hot, yet really strange and alien-like. It was so confusing - now we know what Capt James T Kirk must have felt like."

Watch 'Ghinzu’s Take It Easy by the Lennox Brothers' here


Production CompanyBetween The Eyes
DirectorLennox Brothers
ProducerRhun Francis
Executive ProducerBen Pugh & Rory Aitkin
Director of PhotographyRichard Mott
Art DirectorDavid Petch
EditorJames Rose
ColouristBen Rogers
PostLee Lennox
CommissionerJohn Moule

David Knight - 24th June 2009

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