David Knight - 22nd June 2009

Mark has also directed the excellent new video for veteran grungers Dinosaur Jr. And who knew that J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph not only formed one of the great rock bands of the Nineties, but they're also awesome skaters and BMXers...

Okay, maybe not - but Mark and his experienced American crew (including skate/BMX camera legend Mike Manzoori) make the highly unlikely look genuinely convincing. And it's witty and warm-hearted for good measure. Lovely.

Btw, the new DJr album, Farm, is out this week.


Mark Locke on making the video for Dinosaur Jr's Over It

"My idea for Over It probably started when I saw Dinosaur Jr play the UK after the reform in 2005. I hadn't seen any pictures of J in a long time and was quite taken aback by his mane of grey hair.

"It hit me that my heroes were actually getting older, like the rest of us, but at the same time still blowing bands half their age well away.

"It got me thinking about the ageing process (it doesn't take much these days!) and how when you get to a certain age a large part of society expects you to give up certain things. A lot of fun things, basically. Or at least they do where I'm from. Like at what age should you stop riding a BMX, stop skateboarding, stop playing ear-splitting music, etc, etc. So when I pitched on Over It my idea was about NOT being over it. About still doing whatever smokes your pole, whatever age you are.

"I also wanted to have some fun with how the press seem to focus on the band's history and certain members supposedly not getting on - to turn that on its head and show them getting on great, suggest that they're 'over' the past too.

"Originally I wanted all three on BMXs, then their management said J could skate a bit. Lou and Murph hadn't been on BMXs ever. Obviously we had stunt doubles and picked people who matched them in terms of looks and weight and shape.

"But we got lucky. Lou's double especially really looked a lot like him. There's a bit where he hops up on a wall and rides it - the stunt guy has exactly Lou's expression.

"But what helped was that the guys got into it. The big thing is the commitment on their faces. That's what makes it work. And they did a couple of things themselves. The daffy [riding two skateboards at once] - J can do that. It's him.

"We had to do it in the States while they were on tour. So the stunt doubles not only had to look like them, be great riders, but they had to go on tour with them. It was a big headache but we got there in the end, and what makes it was that it's shot by Mike Manzoori. He's a legend in skate filmmaking and he shoots from a skateboard himself. None of it was off a Steadicam or track, it was all from another skate. I shot second unit, doing the wideshots.

"We had four days, as they were touring through Florida. We basically had three hours each day with the band after they got up and before the sound check.

"It sounds like a lot of time for a promo but in the world of skate and BMX that's nothing. You can be there for hours just to capture one trick.. The crew were like 'you're having a laugh'!"


Production CompanyCrossroads Films
DirectorMark Locke
ProducerBrian Schwartz, Mark Locke, Mike Manzoori, Amy Abrams
Director of PhotographyMike Manzoori
EditorStuart Key
CommissionerKevin Duneman

David Knight - 22nd June 2009

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