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Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks by Patrick Daughters

Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks by Patrick Daughters

David Knight - 5th June 2009

Patrick Daughter's nice 'n creepy new one for Grizzly Bear's excellent single, from their acclaimed new album. That's the band in the video, looking increasingly happy. So happy that their eyes are getting larger and their skin is really glowing. Does that usually happen when you have a hit record Probably...

Patrick simply turns the band into eery, vacuous, doll men, kitted out like 1950s Freshmen, and the effect is hypnotic and intense. And creepy.

It was done through VFX work at The Mill in Los Angeles. Probably the most prominent effect is the eye enlargement - achieved not only by increasing size, but compositing left and right eyes from different takes. Little things mean a lot.

Lead Flame artist Tara DeMarco, says: "We were asked to make the skin porcelain-like - smooth and shiny with a transparent, prosthetic like quality". And then it starts glowing...

Compositors at The Mill LA worked in almost 70 different effect shots, as the band members' faces gradually increase in luminosity until the sparks start flying...


Watch 'Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks by Patrick Daughters' here

David Knight - 5th June 2009


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David Knight - 5th June 2009

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