David Knight - 5th May 2009

After their jaw-dropping alternative history of 20th century Soviet-American relations for Mettalica's nine-minute epic All Nightmare Long, now Roboshobo have created something equally ambitious and entertainingly far-fetched for the well-heavy Mastadon.

This is what happens when a band go mountaineering and find evidence of prehistoric human sacrifice and the existence of mythical man-beasts. And then shoot bolts from their instruments to thaw out a superbad cave-dude...

You've got yourself a whole heap of big trouble, that's what...

Watch 'Mastodon’s Divinations by Roboshobo' here


Production CompanyRevolver Film Company
ProducerYvonne Ortiz
Director of PhotographyDon Burton
EditorRoboshobo, Andy Nisbet, Jeffrey Dotson
CommissionerDevin Sarno

David Knight - 5th May 2009

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