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Moray McLaren 'We Got Time' by David Wilson

David Knight - 17th Apr 2009

Stunning, ingenious video for Moray McLaren by David Wilson, an animator who appears to have a planet-sized brain.

It's all based on the pre-cinematic device called the Praxinoscope, uses 14 mirrored carousels and 114 individually illustrated record labels placed on a group of ordinary record turntables. And what looks utterly impossible is actually true: it was all achieved in-camera - largely by changing the frame-rates.

David, who recently signed to Blink Ink and Colonel Blimp, explains all with great clarity in his fascinating Making of (see below), revealing that an important element was to demonstrate how hypnotic this animation technique is to watch in real time, and translate that to the viewer through the video. Job brilliantly done.

Making of:

David Knight - 17th Apr 2009


  • Animation
  • Praxinoscope

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Production Company
Colonel Blimp

David Knight - 17th Apr 2009

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