David Knight - 24th Mar 2009

Christopher Hewitt of film/animation studio Bearfight has taken advantage of a song called Collide Sparks to confirm there are few things quite as compelling as watching stuff smash to pieces at a thousand frames-per-second.

His video for squelchy techno outfit Blamma! Blamma! brings together some unexpected objects - like stuffed foxes heads (as if they haven't suffered enough). But mostly it's about two fine specimens of wobbly man-fat, careering towards each other at a healthy lick, in a combination of the 100metres with sumo wrestling.

Thankfully no-one was actually killed during the making of this video - not even the foxes.

Christopher Hewitt on making the video for Blamma Blamma's Collide Sparks

"When Blamma! Blamma! first sent over Collide Sparks I instantly felt like the track deserved slow motion. The piece as a whole is very energetic and driving so the idea of juxtaposing the audio with slow, steady and smooth visuals seemed to really appeal.

"But with so many music videos out there that use slow motion we wanted to step away from using elements such as liquids, balloons etc. We came up with elements such as the typewriters, chairs and foxes heads, which worked great.

"It was really satisfying seeing the more sturdy of elements break apart at a 1000fps. The use of these harder objects was integral to the piece, the majority of the video focuses on the 'big fellas' and their more softer collisions, we felt showcasing harder collisions on the front and back end would really help mix up the visuals whilst also keeping the concept intact.

"The shoot day went extremely smoothly. Our producer Matt Mager came up with the bright idea of buying a huge air mattress which was placed underneath the flying objects.

"The main challenge was the filming of the wide collision scene between the guys. It was a fairly painful process. Aside from needing a crazy amount of light, in order to pull off the hero shot we needed the guys to run at each other at full pace.

"These were big guys too so we had to make sure they hit with a force they were both comfortable with."

Watch 'Blamma! Blamma!’s Collide Sparks by Christopher Hewitt' here


Production CompanyThe Ebeling Group
DirectorChristopher Hewitt
Director of PhotographyOle Birkeland
Art DirectorTim Brown

David Knight - 24th Mar 2009

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