David Knight - 18th Nov 2008

Audio-visual pioneers Addictive TV have created virtually a whole new genre of promo: the movie remix. It started when they created one for film classic Get Carter a few years back, and they have been turning new features into dance music virals regularly ever since, for the likes of Antonio Banderas-starrer Take The Lead and blockbuster monster hit Iron Man.

Their latest remix is for new British movie Easy Virtue, Stephan Elliott's acclaimed new version of Noel Coward's play, first made into a film in 1928 by Alfred Hitchcock. The 1920s-set movie starring Kristen Scott-Thomas, Colin Firth and Jessica Biel sees Cole Porter and the horse-and-hounds horns get sampled a dance track makeover.


That follows Addictive's remix of Max Payne, the ultraviolent movie version of the popular video game starring Mark Wahlberg. And by all accounts you might be better off watching this than actually going to see the movie.


Addictive - twice crowned #1 VJs in the World by the readers of DJ Magazine - have more movie remixes coming: their cut of Danny Boyle soon-to-be-released Slumdog Millionaire will be online soon (there's a limited release of the film in the US later this month and the movie is on general release Worldwide in January 2009). Addictive are also now working on remixing new US indie film Nobel Son, starring Alan Rickman and Danny DeVito, directed by festival favourite Randall Miller, and featuring a first-time film score by top DJ Paul Oakenfold.

David Knight - 18th Nov 2008

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Slumdog Millionaire movie remix by Addictive TV

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David Knight - 8th Jan 2009

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