David Knight - 13th Nov 2008

Esser - he of the tremendous Kid n Play hair - has a tremendously old-school video for his latest catchy new tune, directed by Chris Sweeney.

We're talking a Méliès-old school. But of course, Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès (to give his full name) is pretty much the patron saint and ultimate godfather of VFX, and his style of cinematic magic (and he was actually a real stage magician) still works.

Where would The Boosh be without him for a start

Watch 'Esser's Satisfied by Chris Sweeney' here


Production CompanyColonel Blimp
DirectorChris Sweeney
Director of PhotographyDaniel Trapp
Art DirectorN
ChoreographerRhimes Leconte
Make-upSarah Massie
StylistKim Howells
CommissionerTom Mackay[/pay]

David Knight - 13th Nov 2008

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