David Knight - 6th Oct 2008

Nominated in the Best Urban Video category at the MVAs for their excellent and now very huge video for Flobots' Handlebars - 10 million hits on YouTube and counting - here's the new thing from Dirty UK.

Elephant boy and butterfly-cat journey through a Japanese painting to the end of the world (and back), for the first single from Mercury Rev's acclaimed new album. It's dreamy and imaginative - and you can almost feel that rice-paper.

Olly Moss and Andy Brassington of Dirty UK on the making of the video for Mercury Rev's Butterfly Wing

"We wanted to create an entirely animated video based on contemporary Japanese illustration and then make it a bit more psychedelic and strange to fit the mood of the track. For inspiration of strangeness we looked at a picture of Phil Tidy for an hour or so, then just went with the flow.

"Sam Kerridge is a great illustrator who we work with whenever possible - he did all illustrations for our Flobots video - and once we sourced the additional references we let Sam go to town on the drawings.

"It was a lot of fun designing the assets and creating the different scenes for our two heroes, butterfly cat and elephant, to explore. We simply wrote a weird narrative that took our two main characters into as many fantastical and magical places as possible.

"There were no boundaries as to where they could go or what would happen on their journey, which made the whole process a really fun experience. When your two main protagonist are a flying elephant and butterfly cat, there are no rules.

"James and Martin are two fab animators and they had a lot of input with us in the design and animation and were pretty much responsible for their own scenes - they made it very easy for us.

"All the animation was done in After Effects. A great team effort and we are very pleased with the results."

Watch 'Mercury Rev’s Butterfly Wing by Dirty UK' here


Production CompanyDraw Pictures
DirectorDirty UK
ProducerPhil Tidy
CommissionerJason Rackham

David Knight - 6th Oct 2008

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