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We Smoke Fags' Eastenders by Jean Demery

David Knight - 15th July 2008

Here's the first of at least two new videos for Marmite-named young British bands coming out of the achingly hip prodco Soixante Quinze in Paris.

We Smoke Fags' Eastenders is directed by Jean Demery, aka HANDZ - he co-directed CYOA's Hearts Revolution and other cool stuff.

Eastenders was all done on stills, to the tune of 20,000 - it's wacky, and it's sexy. Girls-in-tight-T-shirt-Alert.

Atlantic commissioner Claire Stubbs escorted a couple of, er, Fags on the Eurostar to Paris for the shoot - and tells us all about it on colleague Tim Nash's video commissioning blog.

David Knight - 15th July 2008


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Jean Demery (aka HANDZ)
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Soixante Quinze


Claire Stubbs

David Knight - 15th July 2008

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