David Knight - 17th June 2008

A group of kids sneak over a wall for a dip in the private pool of a house at night, and are transported to a much bigger body of water - while the threat of discovery lurks like a shark in the deep...

Jaron Albertin on making the video for Muscles' The Lake

"We shot this video in the Valley in LA. It was my first job in LA and with Smuggler, and it was so nice to get some good weather and be out of London.

"Muscles is an interesting musician and I really like his dance music-for-jocks style. For this video I wanted to pull us out of a rave, dance environment, and make something revolving around a lake itself. To these kids in the video, this urban pool they go swimming in becomes a deep dark hazardous lake, with the same thrill and dangers as the wide-open sea. The old man, is in fact a predator, a shark in his own waters. Wearing a respirator, he can only breath underwater.

"We shot in the Valley and had a series of interesting experiences coming across irate neighbours surrounding the house we were shooting in. Not one neighbour was accommodating; they wouldn't let us even touch the fence surrounding this house. I'm like: "This is LA, isn't everyone film friendly"

"We later found out the house we were shooting in, is in fact a 'Porn House' - literally the dark horse of the neighborhood. The neighbours probably assumed we were shooting porn. I guess the onset of a bunch of kids half naked in a pool at night didn't help.

"All in all it was a fun shoot, the kids in it did a wonderful job. It was a struggle being in and out of the water all night, as they almost all ganged up on me to quit at the 11th hour. They were all so cold and shaking, the temperature dropped into single digits during the eve, some of them where getting sick, even though the pool was heated.

"I shot on the Red camera, which seems to becoming everyone's favourite these days. It looks great, aside from a few technical issues, which will be solved as soon as more people use it. I was lucky to get Matthew Libatique to shoot it, and I am a massive fan of his work. He was in fact one of the nicest, down to earth DP's I've worked with; I forget those west coast vibes sometimes being here in London."[/pay]

Watch 'Muscles’ The Lake by Jaron Albertin' here

PRO Credits


Production CompanySmuggler
DirectorJaron Albertin
ProducerSteve Devore
EditorPaul Hardcastle

David Knight - 17th June 2008

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