David Knight - 13th June 2008

Feeder lead singer Grant Nicholas walks past a man in a hoody with no face - and then disappears, his face then appearing under the hood, as if 'on-screen'.

And he's the first of many. Which is why David Mould's new video for Feeder - and his first video for ages - ultimately delivers a real emotional punch.

Mouldy is back.

David Mould on making the video for Feeder's We Are The People

"The video's concept was largely a result of a conversation with Grant [Nicholas] in which he talked of an idea incorporating a cast of thousands and I talked of an idea about a creepy bloke in a hoody.

"Somewhere in the middle, the idea of a man with a flat-screen for a face was added. The premise was set; a faceless man who acquires the faces of 'everybody', or at least, everyone he passes on that particular day.

"It is about questions of identity within a city, of being everyone and no-one. Ultimately, the burden of other people's faces proves too much and he tears them off.

"Stylistically, an aged, gothic tone reflects the underlying 'darkness' and compliments an intentionally 'lo-tech' approach to post-production."[/pay]

Watch 'Feeder's We Are The People by David Mould' here


Production CompanyBikini Films
DirectorDavid Mould
ProducerBen Sullivan
Director of PhotographyWill Bex
EditorJames Rose
PostSam Smith
CommissionerHermione Ross

David Knight - 13th June 2008

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