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Promonews - 7th Mar 2008

(After the extraordinary response to our first Guest Playlist, who could possibly follow Dan Millar Who else would dare submit their own current video favourites to the crucible of public opinion Malachy McAnenny, one of our finest music videos producers, that's who. Well, he probably thinks he's safe because he isn't a commissioner. But then, he doesn't want to even countenance the B word. Nor did he didn't send in a photo of himself flicking a V. Frankly I suspect that's not even his crotch... - ed)

With Neil Young's blistering 16 minute version of Down By The River live from last night's gig in Hammersmith still ringing tinnitus in my ears, the thought of getting involved in a prolonged debate about budgets is about as appealing as being stuck in a room with Tarquin and Nigella from across the street for a week solid, feverishly discussing house prices and school catchment areas. I'm that interested. Not that it's not important, but let's just enjoy the music, man. Just for today.

They looked amazing: Fetishistic wearing of cop uniforms Check. Great haircuts and shades Check. Sometimes I lay awake at night dreaming about what it must have been like to have been around in 1978 and to have worked with guys like these. I fantasise about what kind of deal I would have done with their glam squad... Then, if I get really inspired, I will get up and go into my living room, and by the creeping light of dawn, I might try to work out how much that would be in today's money (excluding mark up and insurance).

Anyway, the Terri Timely boys are certainly laid back dudes, and criminally underrated in my opinion, and true gentlemen to boot. This is a video they did for a Modest Mouse album track last year and I love it.

Anyway, I'd do 6 videos in 1 day for half the money in a heartbeat for these guys because I'm an old romantic at heart, and despite what a certain someone might say, I think he's up there with the greats. Buy his album and definitely go and see them live. This little trailer for his fantastic new album made me laugh.

Sonic Youth
Teenage Riot
Directed by the band()
Watch: YouTube
We all know how Sonic Youth invented synth pop and girl drummers but did you know they also invented the DIY You Tube mash up video with Teenage Riot This was made in the halcyon days of the late 1980's at the exact halfway point between indoor plumbing and Broadband internet. Instead of filling it with footage of people falling over they put in loads of stuff of their counter culture heroes looking cool. I said to them at the time: "Don't do it that way, you'll never make a dime" Did they listen Did they fuck.

The Broken Hearts
Black Cat
Direction/Animation/Illustration: Zac Ella & Rob Flowers
Watch: YouTube
My fiancee(!) came in last Friday night clutching a 7" from some girls she'd met DJing somewhere or other.

This is the video for said 7" and I like it because the song reminds me of Love Cats and they look really cool. It's that simple.

Joy Division
(From TV show The Wedge, with intro and outro by John Cooper Clarke)
Watch: YouTube
If you have or haven't seen Control but kind of wonder what all the fuss about Joy Division is, then watch this.

If the hairs on your neck are not on end from the get go then you cannot be my friend. If by the end you are not on the floor gasping for breath, then you have no soul and probably cast a very weak reflection.

Either that or you are a cost controller.

Promonews - 7th Mar 2008


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Promonews - 7th Mar 2008

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