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Editors 'The Racing Rats' by Vincent Haycock

David Knight - 14th Nov 2007

Vincent Haycock gives Editors an appropriately widescreen canvas with his slice of sci-fi magic, shot in the extraordinary setting of Santa Clarita, a small suburb on the outskirts of LA built on the edge of a mountain.

Sony BMG commissioner Dan Millar says it was a little weird walking around this Speilbergian paradise. "It was all manicured lawns, and where we shot is surrounded by gated communities," he says. "But beyond the fence you can see in the video it just drops off into desert."

In Haycock's supernatural interpretation of the song's lyrics a little girl pulls off a cosmic feat with a stick of chalk– and brings to mind a popular TV show about super powers. Excellent photography by Yon Thomas, with visual effects and editing by Vitamin Pictures. 

David Knight - 14th Nov 2007

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Vincent Haycock
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Daniel Millar

David Knight - 14th Nov 2007

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