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Montreal, QC, Canada

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Maïlis is a French and Canadian director based in Montreal. After majoring in psychology, she started working in cinema and commercial shoots. Empowering women and provoking discussions through feminist-themed projects has garnered her attention and stimulated her creativity. She firmly believes that visual storytelling can be a powerful vector for impactful ideas and hopes that her filmmaking practice will not only represent and amplify her own voice as a woman but also those of others, elevating a network towards a community.

Her work was selected for the Toronto International Women's Film Festival, the New York Independent Cinema Awards, the London Music Video Festival and Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival, in addition to being featured on the 1.4 Awards longlist and on Director’s Library.

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Apacalda 'Find Me In The Morning' by Maïlis

10 months ago


Laroie 'One More' by Maïlis

5th July 2021