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The Promonews Podcast: new episode with Aoife McArdle out now!

The Promonews Podcast: new episode with Aoife McArdle out now!

Promonews - 3rd Aug 2022

A new episode of The Promonews Podcast is out today, featuring a director who has made outstanding music videos, commercials, longform work, and now a big budget TV drama series - Aoife McArdle.

From emerging as a director in the early 2010s, Aoife McArdle has explored the boundaries of narrative filmmaking, in videos for the likes of Jon Hopkins, Wilkinson, U2 and Coldplay, in her debut movie Kissing Candice, and now in the distinctive tone and sensibility of the AppleTV show Severance, where she was both a director and producer, working with showrunner Ben Stiller and creator/writer Dan Erickson.

Promonews's David Knight and Rob Ulitski had the chance to talk to Aoife about Severance - made entirely during the time of Covid restrictions - discussing her contribution in the show's aesthetic, and also her work with its leading actors, including Adam Scott and the remarkable Patricia Arquette.

Then we looked back on some of the seminal music videos she made, from her solo directing breakthrough with Little Comets, to other videos that explored her Northern Irish background, including for U2, as well as the award-winning video for Jon Hopkins' Open Eye Signal. She also discusses her epic dystopian vision, greatly influenced by George Orwell's Animal Farm, for Coldplay, released just as the first lockdown began.  

This is the latest episode of The Promonews Podcast: Talking Music Videos, sponsored by Loop Talent - the 20th episode overall in the series that has just passed its first anniversary.

The past year has seen the Podcast interview a range of creatives who are active making music videos right now. These include directors such as KC Locke, Milo Blake, Olivia Rose, Fred Rowson, Nathan James Tettey, Sophia Ray, Salomon Ligthelm, Kasper Häggström, Lucrecia Taormina, and Louis Bhose.

Other recent interviewees include DoP Rick Joaquim, director's rep Sam Davey, director Sam Brown talking about working with Adele, and Andy Morahan discussing his wild times with Guns 'n Roses, on the 30th anniversary of his video for November Rain. 

Other interviewees include RUFFMERCY, Mayling Wong, Rik Burnell, Regina Meessen, Lee Fairweather, Adam Singodia and Vlad Barin.

• Listen to The Promonews Podcast with Aoife McArdle on Spotify, and other platforms.

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Promonews - 3rd Aug 2022


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