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BUG launches new "AMAZING!" playlist

BUG launches new "AMAZING!" playlist

Promonews - 26th Feb 2021

A year on from the last live BUG show before lockdown - the BUG Supergrass special at the BFI Southbank in early March 2020 - the team behind the live music video show have launched a new playlist on its YouTube channel, called BUG "Amazing!"

The playlist is a selection of music videos (and a few other things) that were enjoyed by the BUG team in the past 12 months, and might have featured in the regular live show at the BFI, had it run as normal in 2020.

It includes some of the most fun, creative, groundbreaking, downright bizarre work from the past year, from some of BUG's favourite directors - including Keith Schofield, Aoife McArdle and Hiro Murai - and lots of other directors who have never been featured at BUG before (but hopefully will be in the future). 

This playlist can be enjoyed at home - hopefully on a reasonably large screen, with a decent sound system - to create a version of the BUG experience: essentially, great music video creativity being enjoyed on the big screen from a comfy seat in a cinema, with other people. 

And BUG "Amazing!" starts with an introduction from BUG host Adam Buxton - with his own Amazing Music Video from a few years ago.

Two themed playlists from the first lockdown last year are also available on the BUG YouTube channel: Staying In and Going Out.

• BUG "Amazing!" with additional credit information here


Promonews - 26th Feb 2021


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