Promo News - 16th Nov 2018

You can now watch highlights of the biggest night of the year for music videos, and see many of the winners talking about their work, right after collecting their awards, on the UKMVAs YouTube channel

Produced by the young TV production team at What's Up TV, and hosted by Nayha Ahmad, the UKMVAs 2018 highlights film encapsulates the whole ceremony hosted by Adam Buxton at the Roundhouse last month, into two and half minutes of whirlwind action - with clips of the winners' work too.

There's also a range of backstage interviews with many of the award winners on the night, including Nicolas Mendez and Oscar Romagosa from CANADA, Autumn De Wilde (above), Zhang + Knight, Emmanuel Adjei, and Jodeb; Saskia Whinney, Stephanie Walton and Tash Tan from Best Production Company winners Somesuch; and Outstanding Achievement Award winner Carrie Sutton.

UKMVAs 2018: watch the highlights and winners' interviews

• UKMVAs YouTube channel here

Promo News - 16th Nov 2018

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