David Knight - 3rd July 2017

July is here. That means that there is less than a month to complete music videos that their makers would want to enter into the UK Music Video Awards 2017.

Entries to this year's UKMVAs has to fall within the eligibility period that spans from August 1st 2016 to July 31st 2017. All entries must be completed and approved by the commissioning party (usually a record label) within that period - although they can be released after that end date.

So there is a compelling reason to complete new work by the end of this month. Completion by that date means that the work will be eligible to be entered into one or more of the 30-plus categories at this year's UKMVAs.

The deadline for entries to the UK Music Video Awards 2017 is also now less than a month away, on August 2nd - which involves uploading the completed works to the MVA online judging platform. The first round of judging will commence shortly after that deadline.

Following two rounds of judging the award nominations for this year's UKMVAs will be announced in mid-September, followed by the awards ceremony itself on October 26th, once again at the legendary Roundhouse in London. 

David Knight - 3rd July 2017

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