David Knight - 20th June 2012

The touching story of a robot who's trying to find his way home, for Irish outfit Bressie's Android Heart, by new directing team two&fro, who put in a lot of work creating their hero.

two&fro: "Building the robot was great. We sourced materials from far and wide... well - mostly our local Leyland and the mad gypsy market in New Cross... which incidentally is well worth a visit for anyone interested in bits of computer from 20 years ago, and Action Men that look and smell like they've been dragged through a victorian wench's gusset.

"So after thoroughly cleaning our components, a few days spent sniffing solvents and developing something of a love affair with Dremel, we were the proud owners of one robot. Massive thanks all round to our dedicated and hard working cast and crew, without whom our robot would never have lived and died."


David Knight - 20th June 2012

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David Knight - 20th June 2012

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